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Photo Reprints
Thank you for visiting The Republican photo reprint information page.  You can also access this information by phone at 413-735-1681.

You may order a reprint of a photograph published after July 1, 1996, and taken by a Republican staff photographer.   Color reprints of photographs are available in standard 8x10 format.

Orders must be accompanied by a clipping or photocopy of the published photograph and include the date of publication, the caption, the name of the photographer, and, when known, the date the photograph was shot.

The cost for one photo for any nonprofit and/or personal use is $20.   If you are ordering multiple reprints of the same photo, the first photo will be full price; additional photos will be $15.00.

Massachusetts residents only - include 6.25% state tax.   There is a $2.00 shipping charge per order.

Photographs taken by The Republican are copyrighted and may not be republished, copied or redistributed without permission.  If the photo is for business and/or republication, a permission fee will be charged.  Permission to reuse must be approved by The Republican.  We reserve the right to refuse or reject any permission requests.  Please click here for permission information.

Ordering options: To order by mail, make check payable to The Republican.  Go to Order Form page, fill in the information below and send with your payment to:

Photo Reprints
Attn: Cashier
PO Box 1930
Springfield, MA 01102-1930

You may also pay for your order with a credit card.   Simply print out Order Form page, fill out the necessary information including your credit card number and signature.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  Please include expiration date with credit card number.
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