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Obituary Policy: The Republican offers a paid obituary notice which allows families to publish the record of an Individual’s life, along with funeral service details. Families may publish up to two photographs and remembrance insignias of their choice. Obituaries should be submitted through a funeral home. Exceptions will be made only when a family provides a certificate of death or a clipping of an out-of-town newspaper. Obituaries will also appear on MassLive.com and Legacy.com and include an online guestbook where friends and loved ones can express their condolences. For more information, call 413-788-1262 or email classified-obits@repub.com
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Executive editor
Wayne E. Phaneuf, 413-788-1315, wphaneuf@repub.com
Managing editor
Cynthia Simison, 413-788-1214, csimison@repub.com
Online Editor
Joseph J. Deburro, 413-788-1117, jdeburro@repub.com
Assistant Online Editor
Greg Saulmon, 413-788-1076, gsaulmon@repub.com
Assistant managing editor, Sports and Production
Vernon M. Hill, Jr., 413-788-1333, vhill@repub.com
Assistant managing editor, Arts & Entertainment
Ray Kelly, 413-788-1331, rkelly@repub.com
Assistant managing editor, Lifestyle
Anne-Gerard Flynn, 413-788-1279, aflynn@repub.com
City editor, days
Stephen D. Smith, 413-788-1304, ssmith@repub.com
City editor, nights
Lu R. Feorino, 413-788-1216

City desk, Saturday, Sunday
Chief Photographer
Mark M. Murray, 413-788-1045
To purchase a published photograph, click the "Buy Photo" button that appears beneath all of our staff photos on MassLive.com. Or call 413-735-1681
Editorial Page Editor
Carolyn R. Robbins, 413-788-1255, letters@repub.com

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